Item # 216990
Pack 6
Description Gor for Victory!!!
M50's cheerleader style with a swingin' ponytail

Item # 217180
Pack 6
Description Menuette at Summer Getaway
Un, deux, trois! Let's dance with the white clouds at summer getaway. She's a summer girl dressed in a navy dress with white sailor-collar, an innocent momoko doll with long curly hair.
Make a big bow with the ribbon on the straw hat with lace

Item # 217210
Pack 4
Description Girl's End

Item # 217170
Pack 12
Description Darling Denim Angel
In a springy dress with denim... gotta love her to the MAX !
Super girly momoko doll in sweet flower print dress with a pretty pink bag.
She spikes up her tone with a denim jacket and a pair of western boots.

Item # 217260
Pack 6
Description Voted By Fan Military Momoko

Item # 217250
Pack 6
Description Holly Night

Item # 217300
Pack 6
Description Berry Hunter
I'm in the mood for strawberries! Let's go girly all the way in boy-ish items.
Here's a cute tom-boy momoko doll in denim salopet

Item # 217290
Pack 6
Description Twilight Fiancee

Item # 217340
Pack 6
Description Happy Summer
Summer doesn't betray healthy & sexy girls.
Bohemian tunic x short pants is the summer look.
A pair of sandals and a belt completes this darling momoko doll.

Item # 217360
Pack 6
Description Lazy Seventeen
Dreams do come true, but they never really do.
A wrist band and a checkered hip-flap are very symbolic.
She's young, cute and so bored... A punk-rockish momoko doll

Item # 217450
Pack 6
Description Space Rendezvous
PiPiPi... PiPiPi... Even zillion light years apart, I can communicate with you, my darling. In a spacey dress with a transparent ribbon, momoko doll goes techno-pop

Item # 217540 Outdoor Boyish Momoko
Pack 6

Outdoor Boyish Momoko

It\'s cold outside but let\'s go out with a mini-skirt and some trendy outdoor items. Furry ear-muffs complete the look. Here\'s a casual Momoko doll. 



Item # 217570 Orion's Sonata
Pack 6

Orion\'s Sonata

Her portrait is beautiful, she is an elegant winter lady.
Daddy plays the Sonata on piano with me on violin at a late afternoon 
music salon.
Like the Orion, the winter constellation, momoko doll shines quietly.

Item # 217580
Pack 6

 Milk Tea Party Momoko Doll


Add some cinnamon to a cup of hot milk tea,don\'t forget the baked apples, too.
Here\'s a charming momoko doll in a milk tea colored dress with fluffy long hair.


Item # 217550
Pack 6

Sparkling 80s Momoko Doll

She\'s a little bit husky and a little bit sexy.
A nostalgic cassette tape plays mommy\'s favorite girls-rock.
This fresh momoko doll embraces a touch of 80\'s style.

Item # 217560
Pack 6
Description Early Spring Marina Momoko She walks along the sea shore. It\'s chilly, but the sunshine feels like spring. The marine style has simple and charming atmosphere. In a short duffle coat, here\'s a refreshing momoko doll.